TOPIC:                                               PREPARING TO MEET THE LORD

TEXT:                                                 Exodus 19:10-11, 14-15.


This is another evening for the study of God’s word. It is good to study the scriptures. This opens our minds and eyes to behold the beauty of the Lord. You are all welcome to this special Bible study during Christmas season.


Today, we are to study on this aspect of preparation that has to do with our meeting with the Lord at the end. We need to prepare ourselves to meet him. As the year is coming to an end, so is time coming to an end and we will meet God to answer for ourselves the kind of life we lived.


Reasons For Preparation: Luke 3: 1-6; 2Peter 3:3-15


It is a wise saying that “Proper preparation prevents poor performance”. And from the passages quoted, we need to keep our lives in such a way that will make God to come to us and bless us. The preparation will lead to the following.


  1. i) To make God visitation to favour us.
  2. ii) To make it possible for desired blessings to fall upon us.

iii)        It will frustrate the devil from hindering us.

  1. iv) To ensure that we are not turned back or be disappointed on the last day.


Ways to Prepare Ourselves: Hosea 10:12; Isaiah 55:7; Exodus 19:10-11; 14-15; 1Tim. 2:1-4


There are different ways to prepare ourselves.

  1. i) By turning away from our evil ways
  2. ii) By prayer and fasting

iii)        By making or setting goals to achieve in our work with God.

  1. iv) By generously giving to support the kingdom business and forgiving every one that has wronged us.
  2. v) By searching and meditating on the scriptures. John. 5:39.

If we do these and more, God will visit us during this month and all the days of our lives.

If we do these and more, God’s visit to us during this month and at the end of time will favour us.


When To Prepare: Luke 12:35-48; 2Pet 3:14-15; Luke 21:34-36


Our preparation starts from NOW. The end is near and we don’t have time to procrastinate or fix future date for our preparation. We are already getting late. Begin NOW to seek the Lord through fasting and prayer for specific things you want him to do for you. If your economy must be visited, you must prepare for it. If we must make heaven, we must begin to prepare now.