TOPIC:                      THE CHURCH ON THE MOVE

TEXT:                        Acts. 27:29-38

You are all welcome to our Bible Study again. By the grace of God, this church has started our 21st year of service. It started in a little classroom, moved to temporary structure on half plot of land, later added another half plot still in temporary structure. The Church continued in the temporary site in a temporary structure for about 5 ½ years. At the appointed time, the Lord moved us to this land and this unique cathedral called the LIBERATION HOUSE. This is an evidence that the church is on the move.

Hence today, our topic for the Bible Study is titled: THE CHURCH ON THE MOVE. Three points shall be considered.

  1. PERSONS IN THE CHURCH: Numbers 22:25; 1Pet. 2:9; Eph. 2:11-22

The Greek word “ECCLESSIA” from which we got the English word “CHURCH” means a group of called people. It means people who are called by God out of darkness to light, from the power of Satan to God, from sin to righteousness and from death to life. These are people who are washed by the blood of Jesus, having accepted Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour. They are committed, faithful, available and reliable men. These men are givers, giving to maintain and expand the Church.

When in a local Church we have more of this kind of people, that Church is likely to move forward. The question is “Are you a part of the Church on the move? Have you repented from all your sins? Are you a giver? By the grace of God we have such people in Liberation Power Ministries – This is why we are moving forward.

  1. POWERS AGAINST THE CHURCH: 1Pet. 5:8; 1Corinth 16:9; Numbers 22:5-6;
    Acts. 5:17-18, 26-28.

Liberation Power Ministries like any other Church is being opposed and attacked from every side even from within. Acts. 20:28-30. The devil and his fallen spirit with the assistance of human agents are daily working against the Church to bring it down. But whatever means they used or are using against the Church, EJAFORCE is too formidable for the devil to contend with. We are on a journey with Jesus and the gates of hell cannot prevail against us. Matt. 16:18

  1. PROGRESS BY THE CHURCH: Matt. 16:18; Luke. 10:19; Numbers. 23:23; Neh. 4:6;
    Neh. 6:1; 7:1-2.

By God’s grace, despite all oppositions, EJAFORCE is on the move. We started from the primary school, moved to the temporary structures and now into our permanent place. We have Churches in 5 States of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and also in the Republic of Cameroon and Ghana. We are in the Internet. Our website is  We have a video/audio studio using our own men. We have moved from petrol generator to diesel heavy-duty generators. We have landed properly in some of our location churches. We are on the move.

We cannot be stopped. We make people to enter into their glorious liberty being fruitful and successful. We are on the move and this is the evidence of the manifestation of His Power. Therefore let us join hands to rejoice and praise the Lord. Great testimonies abound of what God through EJAFORCE has done. There is more to cover. Let’s keep moving.


Published by Gen. Stephen Odede
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