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Our Mission

Our Mission & Vision

Liberation Power Ministries is a Christian Church that believes that we are called to fight. Our vision and mission is to proclaim liberty to the captives – those who are in one form or the other under the prison of Satan the devil – in sicknesses, diseases, poverty, frustration, barrenness, failure, sin and many other predicaments under Satan.

We do this through deliverance prayers, spiritual warfare and preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We believe that through this means, man could enter into full salvation – freedom from sin and all its consequences and total victory over the devil and his kingdom.

Those who are rescued or converted through the Gospel are taught to remain in the Lord Jesus Christ, in fellowship with the brethren and are baptized in water as commanded by the Lord. Converts are taught to solely depend on the Bible, God’s word for survival in the world.

Those rescued are trained in spiritual warfare to fight the good fight of faith and to rescue others yet in the hands of the devil and also to keep the devil where he belongs (2Tim. 2:2).


Our aims and objective therefore, include the following:

  • To preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in all parts of Nigeria and the world over for the full salvation of sinners. This includes freedom from sins and all its consequences.
  • To serve as a forerunner of the second coming of Jesus Christ by creating awareness of this comings to prepare saints and warn sinners.
  • To establish schools of Ministry for training of ministers and workers for effective ministry.
  • To establish churches whenever converts are made so that they can be taught the scriptures into maturity
  • To print, publish, produce, compile, collate, develop and freely distribute or sell religious literature in books, cassettes and other instructional materials which are compatible with the aims and objectives of the ministry.
  • Any other future plan or revelation that will be necessary and in line with the aims and objectives of the ministry.

Books by Gen. Stephen Odede

He is the author of at least nine published books to his credit–

Books Cover page
Built for Battle
Conquering 21 Dangerous Enemies
You Need Deliverance.
How to Receive Total Deliverance.
You are Favoured.
Survival Through Prayer.
Stratification in Deliverance.
Victory Over Anti-marriage forces.  
The fall of Adoni-bezek.
Victory over journey attackers.
Give me my own